Tariamos 2016 namų „mados“

  • Paskelbta: ’16 sausio 26
  • Atsiliepimai: Tylu ramu

Tendencijos skirtos žmonėms, neturintiems fantazijos, skonio ir individualumo.
~Chrystel Jeannot-Miguet

ArchitectureLab vistiek pateikia jų 2016 tendencijų sąrašą.

Another popular feature in these new larger kitchens is double islands. Many new home buyers are adding a second island so they have one space dedicated to food prep and cooking and another space dedicated to mingling and dining.

New home buyers are also making requests for special feature rooms based on their individual interests. For some, it could be a library and for others a recreation room. However, the most popular feature room requested in 2016 is expected to be the wine room. Having a wine room in your new home will allow you to store your favorite vintages and unwind while having a glass of wine with friends.